Joneka, a teen girl of color, had to go 78 pages into her copy of Teen Vogue to find a girl who looks like her.

Her message to the magazine: #keepitreal

I absolutely hate TeenVogue. For this reason, and for reasons that they pretty much promote fat hate and anorexia. They published where a teenage guy supposedly said “I think it’s sexy to see bones.” Um I’m sorry… that shit is dangerous.

But this definitely adds to why I refuse to have anything to do with this magazine. They should put pictures of ALL girls, to represent the fact that all girls look different. And it doesn’t matter what race you are, or what size you are. All girls are beautiful.



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Tomboy is now on Netflix.

I wanna see this!!

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I found this new symbol to be interesting, a bit odd, but interesting. 

In Halifax, Novia Scotia their Capital Hill has decided to change the symbols on their single stall bathrooms from male/female symbols to now three….male/female and then one split (like what you would see in a bad Las Vegas show or at the circus). 

Their reasoning is the following: “The familiar stick figures remain, so as not to confuse anyone used to looking for them to point the way to a washroom… Capital Health has added a third figure to the signs on some of its single-stall bathrooms in Halifax to represent transgender people, in a move designed to signal a welcoming environment to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.”

I applaud Halifax’s Capital Hill for their statement and intent, but wonder why we need the male/female/hybrid at all. Couldn’t it just say, “Unisex” or “Pee Here” or “Gender Neutral”?